The Importance of Nutrition for Children


A child’s body is subject to much change and adaptation as it grows and what they eat in their youth can reflect their general health in later life. This is what makes good nutrition such a vital aspect of any child’s diet, so much so that without it, the child may develop tendencies to fall ill or suffer from medical conditions as they develop.

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Child nutrition itself refers to several aspects of a healthy eating regime. It includes the amounts of vitamins and minerals that a child requires on a daily basis to develop properly, as well as nutrients from other sources that can aid in growth and internal organ functionality. There are certain nutrients that are much more important than others for a child’s development, but studies have revealed that exposure to a range of vitamins is ideal.


To be sure that your child is consuming enough vitamins and minerals, there are several methods that can be put in to practice. Ensuring that your child consumes at least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables a day is one of the most common methods, with other strategies including dietary supplements such as vitamin consumption via soluble tablets.


There are several vitamins that play a key role in a child’s development and these include vitamins A, B, C and K. These vitamins are responsible for a range of functions such as enhancing and maintaining energy levels, improving metabolism, encouraging the immune system to operate efficiently and promoting healthy bone and muscle growth. Without these vitamins, even adults can begin to suffer with complicated disorders that range in severity, so it’s only logical that a child would suffer in much the same way.


Being sure to include a range of nutrients within a child’s eating regime can be a very easy task if practiced correctly. Many of our foods are rich in vital minerals and even the most common meals can provide a decent variety of nutrients. These foods include dairy products, which often contain high volumes of calcium for bone development, with magnesium being excellent for skin and hair health and other vitamins to aid with growth and digestion (find out more from your local naturopath .


Other foods rich in necessary vitamins and minerals include pasta, which when cooked can provide a great amount of carbohydrates that are ideal for energy and endurance levels in both children and adults, as well as eggs which provide a great amount of protein for muscle growth, and even oats and barley that contain both carbohydrates and proteins.


Fruits and vegetables are one of the most important aspects for any healthy eating regime and fairly so, as they contain a superior number of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals when compared to any other type of food. Providing your child with a range of these foods will ensure that their body receives enough nutrition from their diet, which will go a long way in building the framework for developing a healthy adult body in later life. More at